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Modern Air Vent Covers

Our range of architectural grilles above are all designed to be seamless - whether it be a plaster in linear slot diffuser, a square ceiling diffuser, or a circular air diffuser.  Having a frameless diffuser made of gypsum means you can sand and paint it for a perfectly seamless finish.

Our air diffusion grilles are not only suitable for modern applications.  Each type of grille diffuser can be useful in renovations where, effectively, an invisible vent is required.

Each ventilation diffuser is grouped in one of five categories - line, circle, square and "side".  The side air diffuser vent stands slightly proud of the surrounding plasterboard and emits air across the surface.  

To choose the correct vent diffuser, first obtain the flow rate of air from the ventilation or AC unit, and then estimate the volume of air going to each duct diffuser.  You can then search the table of inaudible flow rates on each product page.  The air duct diffuser you select will be governed by these flow rates, but also the size and shape of the room and the aesthetic effect you wish to achieve.  Whichever gypsum diffuser you choose, you can be sure that our range is the most discreet diffuser you can buy.