Functional, Aesthetic Design

Modern air vent covers

Our vision

We believe ventilation diffusers and grilles should be as aesthetically pleasing and durable as possible. 

We understand how much you care about your design. That’s why we ensure the highest quality standards of our products, so you can be confident that Ventmann linear grilles and air diffusers are an excellent choice. 

A hidden diffuser will mean that the eye will be drawn to what's important - your design.

Download the technical catalogue below to see how to integrate Ventmann diffusers into your HVAC design.

Technical Catalogue
Office or residential hallway with Ventmann diffusers

Technical specifications & installation guide

Ventmann diffusers are much more than an interior design solution: they are engineered to deliver comfortable airflow exactly where you need it most. For detailed technical specifications, download our full catalogue now.  The catalogue shows our slot linear diffuser range first, then other ceiling diffuser types of architectural grille for use in commercial and residential designs.

Technical Catalogue