Gypsum Diffusers – Square

Ventmann SQUARE diffusers are so much more than just another air diffuser. They are minimalist interior elements that will accentuate the precise lines and rigid angles of an interior design.

Technical Information

A gypsum composite diffuser with a square face plate that attaches magnetically to the base. Designed to create a perfectly seamless look without any ceiling height changes, bumps or frames.

Our SQUARE diffuser is suitable for plasterboard ceilings or walls. It creates a permanent bond with the installation surface for the most durable result – no cracking or breakage from thermal stresses.

Provides short throw air with high levels of mixing, ensuring comfortable and gentle air diffusion into the room.

SQUARE diffuser can be installed in groups or mixed and matched with other Ventmann diffusers.

Available in 100mm or 125mm connector diameters.

  • Materials: Gypsum composite body with industrial strength internal magnets, steel connector, rubber gasket and elastic fixing strap.
  • 45mm diffuser depth
  • Supply or extract
  • Suitable for short throw applications
  • Includes screws, fixing strap and plastic spacers
Plasterboard diffuser installation
Step 1


Make a slot in the ceiling or wall and insert the diffuser, connecting it to the supply or extract duct. Fasten the diffuser into place with the screws provided.

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Seamless finish of square ceiling diffuser
Step 2


Seal the gap around the edges and level off to create a smooth surface all around the diffuser, leaving no visible lines, gaps or joints.

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Paintable square ceiling diffuser
Step 3


Finish the ceiling or wall as planned. The diffuser can be painted in the same way – no need for special paints, primers or treatments.

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Seamless square ceiling diffuser
Step 4


A stylishly frameless Ventmann diffuser.

An instant classic.

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Technical specifications & Installation guide

Ventmann diffusers are much more than an interior design solution: they are engineered to deliver comfortable airflow exactly where you need it most. For detailed technical specifications, download our full catalogue now.

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