Frameless diffusers

Frameless diffusers have become increasingly common for discerning clients who want their ventilation system to be as discreet as possible.  With a Ventmann frameless grille you're getting a better solution for one particular reason: they're made from gypsum - the same material as the surrounding plasterboard.

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Photo showing seamless linear slot diffuser next to window

Why buy a frameless diffuser ?

Air diffusers are an important part of any ventilation system. They help to distribute air evenly throughout a room, which can improve comfort and air quality. There are two main types of air vent: frameless and framed.

Frameless air diffusers are becoming increasingly popular, as they offer a number of advantages over framed diffusers. Here are some of the reasons why you should buy a frameless air diffuser:

  • They are more aesthetically pleasing. Frameless air diffusers are designed to blend in with the ceiling, making them virtually invisible. This is in contrast to framed air diffusers, which have a visible frame that can detract from the overall appearance of a room.
  • They are more versatile. As they can be painted in exactly the same way as the surrounding plasterboard, they can blend in completely with the rest of the surface, making them effectively camouflaged!
  • They are durable. Frameless air diffusers are made from a single piece of gypsum composite, which makes them more resistant to rust and ageing once installed than framed air diffusers made from plastic or steel.
  • They are easy to install. Frameless air diffusers can be installed in a single step, just before drywallers come on site, while framed air diffusers require multiple steps and can be more difficult to install correctly.

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Some additional benefits of frameless air diffusers:

  • By connecting each frameless slot diffuser together, they can help to improve the airflow in a room, which can lead to better ventilation and comfort.
  • As the fan is further upstream, and the noise levels from our diffusers are calculated, they can help radically reduce or eradicate noise.
  • Each vent can be cleaned and maintained easily.  Just like a wall or ceiling, if they start to look a little tired over the years, then a quick coat of paint will leave them refreshed/like new!

If you are looking for an air diffuser that can offer all of these benefits, then a frameless air diffuser is the perfect choice for you.

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